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Property Crimes Represent 85% of All Crime Reported

Property crime is an offense that impacts many citizens each year.  For the business community, crime is an economic development issue because of its impact on the economic well being of its citizens and industry. 

Community Policing - A True Crime Fighting Partnership

 Our website and its mapping capabilities are focused on providing real-time intelligence that will allow law enforcement and retailers the ability to identify and resolve cases that impact the "larger picture" or property related crimes

A true crime fighting partnership!

Through a collaborative partnership, law enforcement and the business community will be able to work together to develop new, and innovative ways to combat illicit Organized Retail Crime (ORC) networks. 

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Congratulations to the 2014 LAAORCA Award Winners!!!

Industry Investigator of the Year - This award is bestowed upon a non-law enforcement investigator (private sector) for their excellent investigative skills and outstanding performance that reflects the intent and mission of LAAORCA. The nomination must be based on the investigators personal achievement not that of task force or team.

Ruben Banuelos, Home Depot

Law Enforcement Officer of the Year - The award for Law Enforcement Officer of the Year is based on the recipient's investigative pursuit, professional skills, and overall impact made toward the reduction of organized retail crime.  The nomination must be based on the investigator's personal achievement not that of task force or team.

Detective Matthew Mahoney, Los Angeles Police Department

Member of the Year Award - The Member of the Year Award honors a LAAORCA member who goes the extra mile for the association. This member has dedicated time and effort in exemplifying and furthering the organizations intent and mission. 

Detective Joseph Hopkins, Los Angeles Police Department